Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring coolers and tents into the stadium?

Yes. While coolers and tents are allowed, the stadium asks that all tents be no bigger than a 10x10 and tents are not allowed to be connected to one beside them. The stadium also asks that fans come prepared to weight down or tie down their tents to ensure no injuries to fans around them.

I’m an official and would like to work the event. Will I be compensated for working the event?

No, you will not be compensated for the meet. You will receive three (3) polos and meals. Depending on your location, you could also receive housing.

Where do I find a schedule of events for the meet?

The schedule will be reviewed during the upcoming site visit with USATF. The goal is to have this available by mid-February at the latest.

How far away is packet pickup from the stadium?

The National Guard Armory is home to packet pick-up and is located across the street from the stadium (around 125 yards).